*in the 90ies

As a good friend i recently asked: jakob, why did you drop out of art university, the place so many young artists are longing for?

he replied:

as a child i loved painting. i did it everyday. first week of school my teacher comes over and tells me: you are using the wrong color! shock. pinetrees are not red. double shock!

i dont want to use right colors! i stopped painting.

later i found out i am colorblind. my perception of colors differers from my teachers.

fast forward a few years i am a proud student of fine arts. got a place at the renowned art university i dreamt of..

the panel of professors, professors of art! decides to put me into another class then the one i applied for.


why. because they think i fit in better.

i dont!

an eternety passes. inspiration is drying up. changing class maybe possible if you adjust your art a little bit… another year flies by. changing not possible. the pond of my ideas is overfished.

a whispering voice inside constantly pleading to be freed from this dry patch of desert.


i left the university. took custody & my inner artist to the oasis!

thank you